Wisdom Centre, Cregg, Sligo

The Daughters of Wisdom are an International Congregation of women religious, who are committed to Wisdom and promoting justice. The spirituality of the Daughters of Wisdom is that of seeking Wisdom in ordinary, everyday experience. The experience of Wisdom is found most clearly in our wisdom services Ministry at Cregg and in our community based services throughout County Sligo.

The ethos of Wisdom Services has and continues to be a deep respect for the inherent dignity of each person. We therefore strive to support the realisation of each person’s potential. Wisdom Services seek to support each person to direct their own life as much as possible and to acknowledge that each person has rights and dreams for their life which should be defining. Wisdom Services therefore strive to provide a truly unique person centred experience.

Today Wisdom Services endeavours to offer a quality and person led service to approximately 200 individuals with an intellectual disability, their families and advocates.

Wisdom Services, Sligo, Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide a person centred service to people with an intellectual disability, that is supportive and empowering, which assists each person to lead as fulfilled and meaningful a life as possible”


We will pursue our mission by:-

  • Upholding our responsibility of safeguarding all people who use our service.
  • Empowering the people who use our service to live and work in a safe environment, while acknowledging the dignity of risk.
  • Respecting the people who use our service and maintaining their dignity.
  • Being accountable for the quality of our work in line with the vision of Wisdom Services
  • Protecting the rights, promoting the independence, inclusion and interests of people who use our service.
  • Challenging the values of Wisdom Services and upholding public trust and confidence in our service.
  • Engaging with and maintaining the trust and confidence of the people who use our service.

The core values that guide our mission are:
Safeguarding, Empowering, Respecting, Vision, Inclusion, Challenging and Engaging.

Highlights of 2010/2011;

  • The official opening of our houses in Hill Top, Cairns Road took place in August 2010. This was performed by Mr. Patrick McGowan, New Jersey, USA and is in collaboration with Sofia Housing Association.
  • A new sensory garden for service users with severe intellectual disabilities was developed.
  • A number of service users attend Contemporary Living course in St. Angela’s College,Sligo.
  • One service users represented Ireland in the European Special Olympic Games in Poland.
  • Individuals participated in a ten week cookery course funded by a Community Education grant from Sligo VEC.
  • Wisdom Services continues to participate in the implementation of a day and evening “Fit for Life” programme.
  • The launch of the Annual Report 2011 and promotional D.V.D.
  • The Launch of the Daughters of Wisdom centenary celebrations March 2011.
  • The opening of our community Children Services and Shared Care services in Sligo in September 2011.
  • The opening of two community homes in Tubbercurry co. Sligo, March 2012.
  • The opening of a community house in Hill Top Janurary 2012
  • The development of the Volunteer Programme.
  • The development of the Quality Initiative CQL and the implementation of the key worker and personal outcomes projects.