Some Daughters of Wisdom reflect on their Wisdom Journey:

Margaret Morris
In 1971 I was working in Montreal, Canada, as a radiographer. I was a member of the Legion of Mary and during the summer I went on a retreat organised by the Legion – the retreat director was a Holy Ghost priest who had just founded a lay missionary organisation – Volunteer International Christian Service, VICS. Read More »

Marie Turner
Marie was the first Sister from the Great Britain and Ireland Province to serve as a missionary in Papua New Guinea where in 2011 the Daughters of Wisdom celebrated fifty years presence. One of Marie’s roles as Regional Leader is to receive the vows of Papuan women who want to consecrate themselves to Jesus Wisdom and serve the Congregation. Read More »

May Lewis
I was born in Edinburgh just before the Second World War. I was the middle child of eight children and was educated in the local state Catholic school. At the age of eighteen I became a member of the Legion of Mary in the Cathedral parish of St. Mary’s. It was there that I first learned of the life of St. Louis Marie de Montfort and his work among the marginalised in the France of the Sun King, Louis XIVth. This zealous priest fired my imagination. I admired his selfless commitment, his refusal to choose the easy option and his great prayerfulness. Read More »

Mary McGrath
I was born in Liverpool, the city built on the River Mersey. A city vibrant with life from all over the world. I grew up knowing we had a China Town and also a population representing every culture, creed and none. I grew up in this environment in a family that had and needed a great sense of humour. Read More »

Agnes Dewhurst
I must have been about seventeen when the first stirrings of discontent with my life began. I was brought up in a committed Catholic family and had one sister who was three years younger than I. We lived in the Ribbleton area of Preston in the next road to Moorfield Convent. We could hear the Angelus bell ringing daily. We passed the convent gates on our way to Blessed Sacrament School. Read More »

Clare McCaffrey
My vocation began when the school took us to visit a Vocations Exhibition in Glasgow. It was a day out, with no thought in mind that I would ever join a religious group. I went round the stalls with my friends. Later, my mother took my sister and I because she wanted to enquire at one of the stalls about some of her school friends who has joined a congregation. I remember being impressed with the Sisters who were there – there was something so gentle and special about them. Still, I was never going to join any congregation. Read More »