Writings on the Founders

Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

Documents & Research III: Jean Baptiste Blain: Summary of the Life of L-M Grignion de Montfort, Montfortian International Centre, Rome, 1977

This text, drawn up and annotated by Louis Pérouas and translated by Bro Julien Rabiller SG, Bro Louis Gloriau SG and Sr Ignatius Blacklege DW, is based on Jean Baptiste Blain’s memoir of Louis Marie de Montfort. The memoir was produced in 1724 and Blain outlines Louis’ life beginning in the year 1684 when Blain met him at the Jesuit college in Rennes and ending after Louis’ death in 1716. It is ‘an incomplete and unexhaustive biography’ as there are times in Montfort’s life which Blain knows little about.

‘Though Blain’s information is partial, though his style is verbose and emphatic, though his personal interpretations and those of that particular time overlapped, Blain succeeds in showing the dynamism of Montfort’s character through the various tensions better than any other biographer of Mr Grignion’ (Jean Baptiste Blain, 1977, p.33)

Life of St Louis-Marie de Montfort 1673-1716, E C Bolger SMM, Liverpool, 1952

This is a biography of Louis Marie de Montfort written in an easy style and yet informative.

The message of St Louis de Montfort: Make Way for Jesus Christ, ed Marcel Gendrot SMM, translated by John Molloy SMM, New York

This small book is a ‘spiritual mosaic of Montfortian doctrine’ sharing extracts from all of Louis Marie de Montfort’s writings.

‘…at the heart of the Montfortian spirituality is Christ Wisdom, incarnate and crucified. Jesus is the goal. Mary is the way, chosen by God himself, the means which brings us surely to this goal.’ (The message of St Louis de Montfort, pp.1-2)

The Mystical Process of Transformation in Grignion de Montfort’s “The Love of Eternal Wisdom”, Pierre Humblet, translated by J Vriend, Netherlands, 1993

This little book presents the findings of research in to the spirituality of The Love of Eternal Wisdom, in particular the mystical transformation process implicit in Louis Marie de Montfort’s writing.

‘This study is first of all addressed to the Daughters of Wisdom and others who are already somewhat familiar with Montfort and his writings…The reader will therefore look in vain here for an extended introduction to the history of Wisdom spirituality and to the origins, character and content of this booklet.’ (The Mystical Process, 1993, p.9)

Montfort Pilgrim in the Church, Battista Cortinovis SMM, Rome, 1997

This book is not meant to be a complete biography of Louis Marie de Montfort. Instead Cortinovis’ aims to explain the spiritual significance of Louis’ teachings.

‘This book can be read at many levels; by one engaged in scholarly research in what is a very rich vein of ecclesiology, by one who would learn more about what was an intriguing period in the history of the church, by one who seeks to know more about St Louis Marie de Montfort and by one who would have a greater insight into a spiritual teaching of the greatest worth, which is ever relevant to the Church of pilgrims.’ (Montfort Pilgrim, 1997, p.4)

Wisdom’s Fool: A biography of St Louis de Montfort priest, poet, founder of Religious Congregations, miracle worker, preacher of the Cross and prophet of the Reign of Christ through Mary, Eddie Doherty, New York, 1987

This is a biography of Louis Marie de Montfort’s life as is revealed through his writings.

‘The result is this gripping story of a man who was misunderstood by many of his contemporaries, but who reveals himself in and through his writings, and whose influence on the spiritual life of the Church can only be compared to that of the masters of the Spiritual Life.’ (Wisdom’s Fool, 1987, p.8)

Our Lady’s Slave: the story of Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort, Mary Fabyan Windeatt, Indiana, 1958

This is a dramatic account of the life and work of Louis Marie de Montfort and has been illustrated by Paul A Grout.

Documents et Recherches I: Dieu Seul: A la rencontre de Dieu avec Montfort, Centre International Montfortain, Rome, 1981

This French edition provides a reflection on Louis Marie de Montfort and his different aspects. The book is split into three parts: ‘L’homme d’aujourd’hui face au salut’, ‘Montfort un homme qui a rencontre Dieu’ and ‘A la recherche du Dieu vivant selon la voie spirituelle de Montfort’.

Marie Louise Trichet

Wisdom of the Heart: The story of Marie Louise Trichet, Benedetta Papasogli, New York, 1993

This book was translated from an Italian version, Maria Luisa Trichet: la Sapienza del Cuore (1989), in order to make Marie Louise Trichet, co-foundress of the Daughters of Wisdom congregation, better known in the English speaking world. It reveals Marie Louise as a ‘woman of faith and action’ and allows the reader to discover her journey through life by taking them from event to event.

‘Benedetta Papasogli’s biography presents not only the known, authentically historical facts, faithful to the primary source, Charles Besnard SMM, but it is also a welcome and efficacious contribution to the growing understanding of the inner life of Marie Louise, who was a very private person…Reading this book prompts us to reflect further on Marie Louise’ writings, which in her simplicity hide treasures, as does her entire life.’ (Wisdom of the Heart, 1993, pp.ii-iii)

Letters of Marie Louise of Jesus, Daughters of Wisdom, Rome, 1981

This slim volume contains 25 letters written by Marie Louise Trichet as well as her last wishes. The letters cover the time 1721-1759 although many are undated.

Marie Louise of Jesus: De Montfort’s Spiritual Daughter: The Co-Foundress of the Daughters of Wisdom, M T Pierce, Dublin, 1963

This book provides a history of Marie Louise Trichet’s life as well as a short summary on the growth of the congregation following her death and the arrival of Daughters of Wisdom in England, Scotland and Ireland. The book contains some illustrations.

‘This vivid book tells the surprising and stirring tale of its foundress’ life and labours, a life that was as original as it is inspiring’ (Marie Louise of Jesus, 1963, inner cover).

Uncommon Wisdom: Marie Louise Trichet and the Daughters of Wisdom, Agnes Richomme, English translation Sr Ann Nielsen DW, Turin, 1993

This book provides a history of Marie Louise Trichet’s life and her co-founding of the congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom. The book is divided into six parts: ‘A teenager in the great century of Saints’, ‘A decisive meeting’, ‘At the workhouse’, ‘La Rochelle’, ‘St Laurent sur Sèvre’ and ‘The last years’. The book contains some illustrations and extracts from original documents such as letters written by Marie Louise.

‘Readers will be helped in their quest by the gifted pen and lively style of Ms Agnes Richomme.’ (Uncommon Wisdom, 1993, p.9)

Marie Louise Trichet: The Folly of Love, ed. Daughters of Wisdom, France, 1993

This illustrated booklet contains articles about Marie Louise Trichet and the foundation of the congregation of the Daughters of Wisdom. The texts are divided into several categories: ‘Marie Louise Trichet, a way of fidelity’, ‘Marie Louise Trichet, a portrait revealed on a journey’, ‘In the time of Marie Louise’, ‘A legacy’, ‘Three centuries of history’ and ‘Glimpses around the world’.

‘Page after page will take [the reader] from one surprise to anther as they discover the secret of this humble daughter of Montfort who, attracted by tenderness and grace, walked the way of Jesus-Wisdom. May the reading of the texts that follow give us the desire to know Marie Louise better, in the simplicity of her life and the radicalism of her commitment.’ (Marie Louise Trichet, 1993, p.1)

Documents et Recherches VII : Charles Besnard : La Vie de La Sœur Marie-Louise de Jésus Premiere Superieure des Filles de la Sagesse, Centre International Montfortain, Rome, 1985

This French edition is a biography of Marie Louise Trichet based on a manuscript attributed to Charles Besnard SMM written in 1759 shortly after Marie Louise’ death. The text has been annotated to help the reader and covers her entire life 1684-1759.

Documents et Recherches XI: En direct avec Marie-Louise de Jésus : Ecrits et paroles, Centre International Montfortain, Rome/St Laurent, 1994

This French edition contains all the documents which are attested to have been written by Marie Louise Trichet. The collection contains 29 letters, her last testament and the constitution of the Daughters of Wisdom among others.


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