Wisdom Culture

Wisdom culture is about welcoming the stranger in need of a new start and giving them a place to lay their head.

Wisdom culture is beginning the day silent in chapel surrendering oneself to the Lord and asking him to be present in one’s heart, mind and soul.

Wisdom culture is hanging out someone else’s washing and bringing it back in when rain threatens.

Wisdom culture is offering to make someone thirsty a much needed cup of tea when they return home battered from the demands of the day.

Wisdom culture is making someone hungry a meal on the eve of the day as others prepare to lay their head.

Wisdom culture is asking how someone is and taking the time to listen and express concern.

Wisdom culture teaches one to love and persevere with others even when feeling annoyed and frustrated.

Wisdom culture is one that doesn’t count the cost but invests and treasures God’s people rather than the bank balance.

Wisdom culture is simple and uncluttered.

Wisdom culture is one that encourages laughter, sharing, celebration and fun.

Wisdom culture is one that encourages and leads to continued service of those in need, even when others might snub or say an unkind word

Wisdom culture can be summarized as an expression of heroic faith, hope and love.

Wisdom culture is a wonderful gift of God.

Thank you Lord for Wisdom culture and the sisters who bring it to life in today’s world. My life is much enriched through it and would be much impoverished without it!

Wisdom culture a beautiful expression of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness in all its forms.

Thank you sisters for your witness to me of the Gospel.

Clare Ward – Friend of Wisdom, London