Wisdom and Creation

All life is wonderfully linked and connected. We ourselves are made of stardust, the scientists tell us.

The God of Wisdom, creator, sustainer, lover, holds the whole creation in an enfolding embrace.
He is forever protecting, guiding his creation like a Mother nurturing her children while respecting their freedom.

The Book of Wisdom (8:1) tells us:

Wisdom reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other and she orders all things well.

Creation is a reflection of the Trinity – the three distinct persons yet one God , intimately united in love.

In the same way, all the various parts of creation are distinct yet also part of unity, interacting and cooperating.

We, here, are a similar reflection – each distinct, yet one in Christ Wisdom.

We participate in God’s work of creation by caring for the environment, not wasting our natural resources, but treating all things with respect.
We are all one family, so with St Francis, we can praise God in all his creatures saying:

Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
Brother Wind and Sister Water,
Brother Fire and Sister Earth,
Even at the last to welcome Sister Death.

Sr Philippe Marie, Romsey