At the centre of Wisdom Spirituality is a person – Jesus Wisdom. The spiritual experience lived by Saint Louis Marie de Montfort was primarily a love-encounter with Jesus Christ Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom. This meeting happened in the depths of his being. Wisdom revealed her love with such intensity that Louis Marie’s life was completely changed. For Saint Louis Marie his long acquaintance with the texts on Wisdom in Holy Scripture enabled him to receive, discover and give Jesus the name Christ-Wisdom. This experience so moved Saint Louis Marie that he wrote the book Love of the Eternal Wisdom, a treatise on this spirituality.

Daughters of Wisdom throughout the ages have endeavoured to follow their founder’s example in reflecting the face of Christ Wisdom and showing his immense love to wounded humanity.

This Wisdom Spirituality is open to all who desire to live their lives for God Alone. The more we are committed to Jesus Wisdom, the more we let ourselves be loved by Wisdom, the more we become creative as She is.

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