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Celebrating the Year of Faith with Montfort


Surprisingly, St Louis Marie de Montfort has very little to say about the Resurrection of Jesus. But we find this little gem in his 84th Hymn: (adapted)


O Glorious Queen of Heaven!

May your loving heart

No longer be sad,

Let it leap for joy.

Jesus is risen!

O most blessed truth!

Let us sing ALLELUIA!



O Mother of fair love

Thrill with joy on this day!

We celebrate today

By singing ALLEUIA!

 Ave Maria!


A thousand times blest,

  O worthy Mother of God

For having borne

This Magnificent King of majesty

Let us sing ALLELUIA!



Jesus, clothed in glory

 Has won victory over death,

He Closed hell,

Opened eternal glory and

Won eternal peace.

Jesus is Conqueror

For our salvation!

Let us sing ALLELUIA!


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