Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

Justice is the essence of Wisdom Spirituality. It is relational and inclusive.
At the centre of Wisdom Spirituality is a personified Wisdom, a figure whose primary mode of being is relational, who creates connections and connectedness. The core of the message of Jesus Incarnate Wisdom challenges each one of us to follow him into a new radical relationship with ourselves and with each other. Our justice mission is to respond to his invitation of an inclusive partnership of universal love and justice – the Kingdom of God. God’s justice is restoring people to right relationships with God, themselves, others and creation.

Our responsibility as Daughters of Wisdom is to respond to the invitation of Wisdom, and to deepen our interaction with Justice-Wisdom through our actions, relationships and prayer life. We must sustain each other in prophetic witness and be a witness of Justice Wisdom in all our daily lives.