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Please see below correspondence from our Sisters in Rome re Haiti


Here is the description by Sr. Sandrale of the Region that was completely destroyed by the hurricane and her analysis

The south of the country (comprising four geographic departments: the South, the South-East, Grand’ Anse and the Nippes) was devastated and the northern tip of Haiti was lashed.

I came back yesterday from Grand’ Anse. However, I want to reiterate that our Sisters who are very affected do not lose hope. Like the people around them, they try to rise up. Sr. Marie Edwidge gave signs of life when she reached Sr. Marie-Thérèse Germain, Superior of the Community of Jérémie by phone. The roof of the little house where she lived went was blown away and also the roof of the school. The school of Moron and of Jérémie also lost their roofs. Doors, windows (louvers) and part of the furniture were damaged or blown away. In Jérémie, the boarder’s residence, the classes for handicapped children and the computer room were ransacked and the roof was carried away. The community of the prenovitiate was swept but resisted even if the salt water dried up all existing vegetation. The Sisters and the people have no drinking water, no electricity. The national electrical network does not exist anymore. The solar panels on the roofs of houses were washed away and broken by the wind. The inverters are damaged and cannot function. There is no fuel to run the generator for those who have one. The crates of water that we brought rapidly ran out. How difficult it is to quench thirst! Water is taken one drop at a time. One lone lamp functioning with a small solar panel (12cm X 12 cm) gives just enough light for eating and moving during the night thus avoiding a fall which would complicate the situation.  


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