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26 May: Feast of the Holy Trinity

Celebrating the Year of Faith With Montfort

The Blessed Trinity is the basic Mystery because it reveals God’s inner life of mutual Love. God is intimate to every human person and we are meant to EXPERIENCE THE TRINITY IN THE DEPTHS OF OUR BEING!

Our Spiritual Journey leads us to union with the Trinity.

Let us reflect on Rublev’s well-known Icon:

Rublev Icon

Concentrate on the space at the base of the Icon.

That space represents YOUR PLACE within the Community Life of Love!

St Louis Marie sees the Triune God as an inner circle of love to which we belong. The outer circle is the rest of Creation which manifests the Trinity.

Montfort tells us that if the indwelling of the Trinity is not truly alive and central in our experience, it is because Mary, the Trinity’s companion, “is not sufficiently united to us”. (True Devotion 36)

St Louis Marie tells us that Mary is the model of how the Trinity works with us when, like Her, we give ourselves for GOD ALONE.

See “Trinity” by Cousins & Gaffney pp 1177-1190 “Jesus living in Mary”, Handbook of the Spirituality of St Louis Marie de Montfort

God wants to fill us with God’s divine life of love!

What does being united to the Trinity mean to you, personally?

What challenges does it pose to you and your Community?

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