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2 June: Corpus Christi

Celebrating the Year of Faith with Montfort

Feast of the Body of Christ

“Jesus is God’s Body Language and the Eucharist is Jesus’ Body Language. So it is not surprising that our union with God in Christ should also be mainly a matter of body language.” (Donagh O’Shea O.P. Spirituality No.106)

O’Shea goes on to quote Meister Eckhart, who says we should imitate Christ’s spiritually, forgetting ourselves and seeing how our egos keep us ‘locked in’. Our real life, our Christ nature, is ‘hidden with Christ in God.’  What, then, is the image you have of yourself?

Are you a Member of Christ’s Nature?

Montfort and the Body of Christ

It was said of St Louis Marie de Montfort that, while celebrating the Eucharist; he looked ‘luminous’, being acutely aware of Christ’s presence in the mystery of the Eucharist.

He was the people’s priest, ever hoping to bring the truth of the mysteries into the lives of his beloved lay folk.

If you can, read his Blessed Sacrament Hymns 128-136  (

When reading Montfort, always make allowances for his baroque style. His is truly mystical language.

See Hymn 158 “We become another Christ, filled with His Spirit.”

See also hymn 132 “to change us into Himself. Jesus and the soul are one, they have everything in common.”

St Louis Marie gives a reflection on St Thomas Aquinas’ Hymn O Sacrum Convivium in his Sermon Notes (SL 238) expressing the profound mysteries and effects of the Eucharistic Christ:

“O Sacred Banquet at which Christ is received, The memory of his passion is renewed. Our minds are filled with grace and a pledge of future Glory is given to us.”

He asks us to “Savour these words the Church gives us”. Then he ‘unpacks’ St Thomas Aquinas’ words:

  1. Remembering is a means to receive grace. During Communion God wants us to recall his passion and death. ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’ What more pleasing to our Lord than to recognise how much he suffered for us!
  2. The mind is filled with grace. We receive fullness of grace, of charity, delight, etc. In other mysteries we receive graces measured out, drop by drop as when we turn on a tap, but at communion, we are at the very Source of all grace.  As one fills a jug from the fountain it fills all at once, so at communion the soul receives the utter fullness of God.
  3. We receive a  Pledge of heaven. Suppose someone promised a huge amount of money as a pledge, but gave a hundred times more than that, has he not kept more than his promise? So with Our Lord who gives us more than paradise

(LS 238)

See Hymn 124 “Since Mary gave Jesus His Flesh and Blood, it follows that she is involved in the mysteries of the Eucharist”.

He promotes receiving Communion in union with her.

166-273 True Devotion

LEW 71Abiding with humanity until the end of time, Jesus Hides himself under a small piece of bread so that he might enter our hearts and there take His delight.”

Do you agree with St Louis Marie? Don’t you think he means the same as Donagh O’Shea O.P. and Meister Eckhart, though the language each uses is of their own culture!

“Devotion to Mary is the holiest after Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament”

(True Devotion 99)

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